Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wow okay, I finished university this week and this post is not even about that. Because finishing school was a given, and givens should be taken for granted. So my first post in what feels like months has nothing to do with the culmination of the five years work I've done lining the pockets of people who regularly have to see their doctors regarding a nagging gout problem. (I'll just break that one down...gout is a condition members of the aristocricy used to get because it involves eating too much red meat, red meat is pretty expensive and so only the rich got gout.) This post is not even about banning the man who's name shall continue to be taboo here.

I have something way more important to share. Something I need to rage on.

Cats. Cats, and their owners. Specifically, fat cat owners who take up too much room on GO transit and force their fucking sweaty cat shit smell into my nostrils. The thing about nostrils is they work automatically, they take odours, transfer the molecules to my brain, and my brain tells me I'm smelling a fucking fat ass cat lover. And there's nothing I can do about it. I will not forgive these transgressions. If you own a cat consider yourself forwarned. Go tell it to fuck off or something, cats are like the dumbest pets I've ever seen and today a cat will be lucky...a cat should thank its lucky stars if I don't find one and stomp the shit out of its...tail. Stomp the shit out of its house or something.

I know someone who used to have a pet chicken. Now thats a dope pet, that a pet that is actually cute and little chicks naturally grow mohawks when they get a bit older.