Sunday, March 27, 2011

Take a bite

I'm craving papaya, not even gonna lie.
I've been playing a lot of fruit ninja these days, still despite my best efforts I can't top Samson's high score. Do I persevere or accept defeat?
I'm leaving the country on Wednesday. I'm not sure when I'll be back or what I'll be like when I do.
In the meantime you can observe my evolution here. I was thinking about making a tumblr account but I don't really know what that means...
I don't want to abandon ship, even though everyone else has.
I've been feeling like a lot less of a genius lately, I haven't had an inspired thought in ages. I'm on the phone while I write this... I have a real issue with talking on the phone.

I have to use a headset cause my ears get uncomfortable. I never know what to say most of the time, it's like I'm crazy and I'm having an internal monologue. Or it's like inception where the conversation is just a figment of my imagination. You should tell her you love her.


Rusi said...

where you going?

Kid Vincent said...

Europe bound!

Willem-Jan said...

Come to Berlin. I am trying to organize a place where contemporary genii can come together. It's all too dead and digital now.

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