Monday, May 03, 2010

Identity Crisis

I need some role models. What do you guys read? Blogs, books magazines.
Seriously, comment. Don't message me on facebook or tell me in person. Fucking comment.
I want to see it right here. It's an ego boost, to be completely honest.
Remember when you used to listen to way more Drum and Bass? Like playing Need for Speed and shit. The Crystal Method?

Good times.

Are you a man? Do you wear jewelry? What do you think about that? I've been really contemplating what it means to be a manly man these days. I think it falls down to these few things.
1. Being comfortable with yourself and any socially unacceptable impulses you may have.
2. Being physically fit, confident and having a commanding presence.
3. Being kind of sexist sometimes. I'm not gonna get into details but I think you can see where this one is going. Being dominant or whatever
4. Being hairy. Men aren't pretty, we're dirty animals. Get used to it.

Everything else is just humans being unique. I think oftentimes jewelry really suits some males. So all the CMoGers out there with necklaces or rings on, don't be offended. BE STRONG.

Would you ever do heroin?

Side Order of Style is the worst blog ever, by the way.


EJ said...

Well I guess you're right, we all have identity problems but in the end we figure it out I guess, some people just take a lil longer than others. hmmm and about that heroin.....I dont think so, not so fond of stickin foreign objects in myself

Anonymous said...

I think youre stupid or a fucking asshole, anyway people allways must do what they want.