Wednesday, April 21, 2010


And here we find ourselves at war. None of us with any clue as to what to do.
All I know is that I want to win.
None of that Tom Hanks shit where he dies in Saving Private Ryan *SPOILER ALERT*


I want the glory. The fame, the lulz.
Remember when it was all about the lulz? Whatever happened...? We all got so caught up with our jobs and our school work, we forgot to give the people what they want, in turn not giving ourselves what we want.
I signed up for the CMoG army so I could get attention. It's nice to know that when I post on social networking site or social networking site, saying, "OH MY FUCKING GOD! NEW POST HOLY SHIT! CMoG FUCK YEAH MOTHERFUCKER!!!" That people actually check it out for the most part.
Are you a subscriber? A follower? Do you feel good about yourself? You should be proud. We're gonna make you t-shirts. They're only $75.00 Sound good?

Do you have good posture? I could use some advice, I'm a serious sloucher and I love sitting in chairs improperly. I'm gonna be one of those old guys who are bent over at a 90 degree angle while walking around everywhere. I'll ask myself "where did I put my keys...?" Meanwhile I don't even drive because I can't sit in the driver's seat high enough.

I think I need a gimmick. Gimmicks get people's attention.
How about:
KID's daily quotes...?
Or KID's weekly pictures of cats licking the spots where their balls used to be...?