Friday, October 22, 2010

Times should be hard... somehow they aren't.

What a long, strange time it's been. I've missed you all. I've missed this. But now that I'm king, I feel I have a much greater incentive to share my thoughts with you all once again.


I know my place. Even if things are different now, we're all still a team and there are no kings or pawns, just the stage and YOU! Our lovely audience. I'm sure you've noticed the change in layout and stuff, but fear not. We're still the same bloggers you know and love.
Now, to business!
Since I last wrote, I've purchased a new bike. I ride a fixed gear so basically I'm a hipster and I love Pabst and organic meats. I only listen to music you've never heard of because I don't even understand the meaning of the word conformity.
All jokes aside, I do actually ride fixed and It's a lot more fun than you'd think. It's like learning how to ride a bike all over again, that same sense of satisfaction is there once you've got it all figured out. Now I'm like the wind once more.

I got stopped by the police last night for not having a light. My bike is all black and as of late -- much to my girlfriend's dismay -- I've taken a liking to dressing in all black. Fuck, I must be 20...
There still have been no leads regarding the guy who ran me over a few months ago. Police are kind of useless when it comes to stuff like this. Where's Batman when you need him? I'm thinking I'm just gonna go out and look for the dude who did it. Too bad I was kind of in shock and I actually have no idea what he looked like.
I'm planning on buying something called a Maschine. I know for certain that Deadmau5, Booka Shade, Krazy Baldhead and Xaphoon from Chiddy Bang all own one. As of lately I've been brimming with music ideas, the only issue is that I don't really have the means to bring them into reality. Talking with producers can be really difficult because a lot of the time they're busy or just don't really get around to getting real work done. This doesn't apply to everyone but you can see how it might be frustrating.
So I'm thinking I'll take it into my own hands and see where things go.

But danger lurks around the corner.

On Monday at around 4pm I'm going to be fired from my job at The Rushton. My manager hates my guts, the owner refuses to get involved. I only had one shift this week and next week I'm not on the schedule at all. As a matter of fact I didn't even get the schedule. So I get a call today asking me to come in on monday to speak to the manager.
What's the verdict? I'm thinking...


I'm not really too concerned, I actually hate that place and I'm looking for another job anyways.

In other news,
If you have boardwalk for McDonalds Monopoly, I have Park Place so if you need someone to split a million dollars with, I'm your man.


EJ said...

I have a bunch of game pieces for the Monopoly. lol there are only 2 boardwalks in all of Canada I think. I decided to buy a lotto max ticket, tryin my luck with that, good luck with your Mcdonalds game piece adventure and welcome back to the blogsphere

The Illest Bent Handstyle said...

Definitely fired Kid. I was once in the exact same scenario. I called my manager and asked what he wanted to talk to me about, basically forcing him to fire me over the phone. It was preferable to having it done it person. He probably hates you because he is a hipster. Digging the new layout.

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