Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mortal Kombat + Uppercut = ?

Why is garlic bread so delicious? The mysteries of contemporary earth are surely plentiful, a cornucopia of gift baskets times two. And just like gift baskets there are great parts like roasted cashews and questionable additions like goat cheese.

Garlic bread is worth all of our attention and I don’t think it’s an insult to forget who created it. Modern times calls for us to accept things we don’t really understand, here are a few examples; caramel inside of Caramilk bars, medical science, love, divorce, gold prices and reality TV.

Lost my train of thought

The best way to enjoy garlic bread is to prepare it yourself. It starts with a stroll down to your local bakery, or at least it used to. There you may have a few words with the shop keep before you peruse the aisles, for the type of bread you want.

Now, a loaf of French white is never a bad choice but take a minute to expand your experience. I suggest trying the Kaiser buns with sesame seeds. The combination of light fluffy bread along with the savoury taste of roasted sesame seeds is not complex, and still provides a perfect match.

Actually the entire concept of garlic bread is pretty brief and maybe that’s why it’s so tasty. A couple of people got together and said;

“Hey lets put garlic on this bread.”

“Should we toast it?”


I like garlic bread; I like sports, video games, hot girls, cool cars and good movies. There’s a lot of other stuff that might not be too important but I’m not sure yet.