Saturday, April 24, 2010

Find Them and Destroy Them

This is what happens to innocent bloggers who get in their way.

We must stop Side Order of Style before it's too late.

Pathetic. Disgusting. Repugnant.
Why would we declare a war then just stay quiet like fools. I don't know if you know, but, the ladies on Side Order of Style are spreading vicious propaganda. They claim the war is finished. They claim to be the victors, they claim our posts are a clear sign of dementia so surely our writers are infected and can not continue to battle. I don't think this is right.

I have a few claims of my own. So, shake off the quiescent mind and listen well. We are not beaten. The little girls at SoS are clearly desperate. They do not want the war to continue because they know we are too strong. Unable to beat us in battle they resort to childish trickery by fabricating false media. Well, we see too clearly the curtains and lanterns that make up their phantasmagoria. We see it, we hate it and as Nietzsche said "the truth is an army."

What Every Good CMoG'er Should Know:

1) Side order of Style uses the blood of little orphan boys for traditional rituals. When, Steph, a writer for SoS was asked about the blood and how its use is illegal under international law she replied; "Orphan blood is a tradition, as a sovereign blog we alone decide what is illegal within our internet space."

2) Side order of Style promotes music on their site. Unfortunately, the music is laced with hypnotic messages that convince young children to lash out at their families. Test were conducted at a secret CMoG lab. Scientist found most of the SoS songs were able to kill a small puppy in under 30seconds. Obviously, the cuter the puppy the faster the death.

3) Side order of Style sporadically gives out relationship advice. It claims to be a neutral voice but the bias is all too clear. The SoS girls are of Amazonian decent , Wonder Women, dreaming to be 50ft tall, stomping around Las Vegas while lashing the bare backs of men with their whips of truth and justice.

This is a small segment of the truth. The ultimate truth is the variable x, it is the unknown motives of SoS that makes them so insidious. Do they want to rule the blog-o-sphere? Are they trying to destroy one blog at a time. Who knows. What we must do now is hold strong and defy these criminals.


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