Sunday, January 03, 2010

Not Your Typical New Year's Post?

2009 was a bad year. And I’m not surprised, 2008 had a theme, it was two thousand hate and I toast myself for getting through it. I didn’t think I would make it. 2009 had no such theme, no plan, no punch, 2009 was simply a bridge year to 2010 and I am happy it is finally over, to be honest I wasn’t sure if I’d make it. 2010. I like it. It’s an aesthetically pleasing number. It’s concise and bold, futuristic yet simple, there’s a bit of intrigue in this number, it says, “The future has arrived.” And hasn’t it? Right now I can surf the web on my phone for an affordable price. Jump in my car and have it tell me how to get someplace I have never been. Publish video content on the world wide web for free and have millions of people access it from their phones. Okay so not all of this is new to 2010, but it’s the relative ease we accomplish them now. The sense of novelty is gone, and the sense of entitlement has arrived.

This world operates in cycles and in 2010 I think I’ve finally seen an entire one through. From being an advocate of the main culture in the late 90s, to finding a form of music that was routinely described as a type of subculture. To that subculture becoming main culture and then reverting back to subculture and main culture becoming this beast that I no longer fully understand. I suppose I would be fine for this and other like trends to continue for the remainder of my life, I find them slightly entertaining.

However our lives do not operate on the same seemingly infinite cycles of this world. Human lives can be easily measured linearly and 2010 marks a real end point in my linear life. Since I can remember I’ve been going to school. For as long as my memory serves I have transferred from one establishment to another all hell bent on making me learn things. Well that ends in 2010, now anything I want to learn will be how it should have been a long time ago: For free.

Yes, my esteemed compatriots some people like to end these New Year type articles saying they do not know what is in store for them over the next year. Label me omnipotent because I have a very concise view of what I expect out of this year. Money. That sounds strange coming from me, I think the greenback is more of a necessary evil than a thing that should be the goal of one’s life. But seriously, it’s time to get paid. Because when that’s out of the way I can focus my attentions of curing the sick, righting the wrongs, helping the needy, you know the jazz.

I have a confession to make. I missed New Years, and I don’t mean I missed it while dancing, watching a movie, talking with friends, or any of the other slightly acceptable, “I missed New Years!” horror stories. I suspect as the clock turned over and most people in the Eastern Standard Time Zone cheered, hooplahed, whopped, and screamed, I was in the bathroom washing my hands after a particularly good drunken pee. Perhaps this is foreshadowing, this year I plan on doing what a got to do, (after you take a pee you gotta wash your hands mang) and I don’t necessarily want or expect much fanfare for it. I’ll get all the fanfare I need 2012 when I save the world from the Mayan invasion.