Sunday, December 27, 2009

I missed you

Writers block is the kind of thing that can ruin your life.
I'm forced to resort to just writing complete and utter gibberish to compensate for the lack of decent content in my brain. Perhaps it's distraction. Maybe you guys have just taken me to the point where the expectations for excellence are so high I'm afraid to even bother to post for fear of waking up at 3:21AM to find an angry mob with pitchforks outside my bedroom.

There are a lot of dirty dishes in my bedroom.

Ever solved a rubik's cube? Got one for christmas. Do you celebrate Christmas?

Of course you do. Prick.

Anyways, it takes an incredible amount of memorization more than anything. So far the easiest way to solve this 3 decade old puzzle is just dedicating the patterns of motion to memory. Yes 1980 was THREE decades ago.

So what's the new style? Is neon done? How bout zebra print tights?

I swear to god if I hear another line in a song from from some black dudes out of the Bay Area about how they wear skinny jeans I will retire to sweatpants and corduroy slacks till the day I die, which incidentally is in only 2 years, you gonna be ready for 2012?

Wish you lived in Baltimore? LA? Sydney? That feeling that you're part of something big.
How will we define our generation? Keffiyehs? Red Bull? Flunking out of College? Blu-Ray? Seriously?