Monday, January 18, 2010

Blunt Notes For Hire

The other day I was doing some free form modern dance. Pretty much rocked the house. Then I started thinking about style. I was all like what is style you know getting real deep and shit. The cynical side of me wanted to say style is a word people use to wear torn jeans. Staying with that warm fuzzy feeling I thought I should add expensive jeans in there too. I wanted to add pencil jeans in as another example of style as an excuse, but before I could, I laughed myself into a nap.

Jesus wore a robe, that shit was dope. You know what else was dope back then, hating gentiles. So the robe is out and the gentiles are free, and the question remains. What is style?

If I had to take my finger and shove it in style's face and be like "you fucking guy." I would say style is a translucent puzzle. Each piece is a tiny piece but there are so many pieces you can make a new bigger piece and a medium piece and subset pieces congruent to the original piece without losing any pieces. Am I saying there are no new ideas, yes, yes I am. If you look at jeans in general there still isn't an adequate way to store things in them and not ruin them. Therefore there are no new ideas. However, if there are all these little pieces that make up a style then technically everyone has there own style. I know there is a cult claiming that we all dress the same, making it sound like the stylish are unstylie. This cult will have you believe your shoes are unstylie because people want them. If you let them, this cult, will severe your connection with reality forcing you to see a uniform that isn't there. This cult is wrong and secretly they want your pieces.

Style is translucent because style is about the subject underneath the costume, design, sound, taste. It is hard to see past the style but you can if you take a good look.

I am not saying everything is a style but most things are. You know what I mean? Or should I explain that some more?

You can't like the style of anything because style isn't any one thing. A lot of times people say they like the style of a movie or book or something. They are basically saying they liked the devices the creator used. I think liking someones style is as pretentious as liking someones life. Just finish the sentence tell someone you like their torn jeans, or their postmodern neo beatbox, or their roman impressionist architecture, or their rustic bourgeoisie French menu. That sounds so much nicer and less pretentious than "I like your style."

If I had to define my style it would be 3rd generation superfreak sans 80's contemporary flare with a smooth finish and rose wood undertones.