Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Rider: Prologue

No one ever makes it out of Tent City. The rich and the poor stay there forever like a deep scar and the unpleasant sight of the wound is hidden away by the harbour. It's surrounded by an infection of prostitutes and store fronts that, apart from the liquor, gun stores and strippers, rarely sell what they advertise. The sidewalks are cracked and filled in with the runoff from day to day life downtown and after changing seasons the grime cakes into a dingy green hue. Tent City is carved out deep enough that it forms a valley between two large overpasses making a suitable habitat for an entire community of shabby tents and useless trash. While the verdant views of the lake are above the cliffs of highway and available only to those living in the towering condominiums. Anyone around Tent city would seem bemused to find a reason or way out. As I said before the rich and the poor alike stay there forever. They all stay, even the rider, with all he can accomplish, stays.

One day Ram and Padden thought it would be funny if they pissed on Pamp's bed. Pamps was an average looking guy. The kind of guy you wouldn't assume was homeless but could definitely notice he had little to offer. Ram and Padden were a couple of scumbags even for the standards of Tent City those two losers embodied the nature of everything moldy and pathetic. They thought by the time Pamps got back from riding, his bed, which was made out of diapers, would swell to twice the size. Till this day that prank sounded fucking hilarious to those two clowns but Pamps didn't find it funny. Actually no one knows how he took it. When those two scampered out of their holes to laugh at him he just said "clean it up" with no expression on his face. Of course they got right to it, partly because they were cowards, and there was something deep in pamp's eyes that demanded respect like when your principal calls you into the office or your mom ask you where her change went. They started tearing up a double sized bed of Pamper brand diapers that had been duct tape together into equally sized rectangles. The two scientist of this experiment proved their initial hypothesis by doubling the size of the bed but like the young researcher looking for the key ingredient in a mud pie I'm sure they didn't anticipate having to clean up their own mess. There was no new set of rules in Tent City the mores that defined an idiot held true in the underworld, Ram and Padden were certainly idiots.

Growing up you thought everyone was outstanding at there job. You thought the bus driver, and the teachers, and the the entertainers were all perfect for their positions. It takes a long time to understand people are just people and if it wasn't Pamps anyone could be the rider.