Tuesday, June 30, 2009

May 14th 2009. I lost my staple remover at work. I didn’t go to the supply lady and request a new one. I didn’t even steal one, although I have in the past. I sat at my desk and started removing staples with my bare hands, because sometimes life gets real like that. So if you don’t want life getting too real on you right now close the webpage and read yourself a bedtime story with a side order of nightquil.

How much money does one person need? It’s an honest question I know the answer varies per person, but lets be arrogant and pompous and try to group all of humanity together, and lets be even more arrogant and pompous and probably a bit phesicious and determine where the line for necessity and greed is drawn. Let’s decide an amount that should make people comfortable and happy. I don’t think you have to be rich. Millions of dollars a year is clearly too much. But I think 35 000 a year is too low, you can live off it sure, but that’s not the goal of this, we want an amount that will make you comfortable enough so that you can splurge a bit.

I haven’t been able to have a nice wake up in what feels like weeks. Waking up might very well be the most important part of the day, it sets the tone for everything. And for the last little while I’ve had this old woman who has the audacity to refer to herself as my mother barge into my connected yet independent living quarters to squack me awake. I say squack because when someone is rudely awakening you squacking if all that is heard. Although I do recall some English words being spoken…something to the tune of “When are you going to work?” “How long are you going to sleep?” “What’s 192 multiplied by 3 divided by 2.” I’m like for fack sakes damnit, why are you asking me skill testing questions at 9:00am. I don’t remember entering any sweepstakes. So after this type of treatment I have grown hard and cold to the ways of humanity. The old Handstyle is gone, and in his loving dancing and devilishly handsome place remains a devilish handsome cynical brute who hates teenagers and greasy food. Who will save my soul? I feel like that has rotten away long ago, or hiding in a deep cave the kind that you need to go underwater to get too. That’s right, the coolest kind. But a part of me knows I just need two days of waking up on my own time.

Back in present time I can say I feel much more welcoming now. I did receive those two days of recuperation and am much better for it.

Now lets talk about the poll results. Fuddled at best it what I would use to describe them. But I guess that means we should just continue talking about everything, except I don’t think anyone here has written much about the economy and if we I would think you a fool should you read it. Although I did get an A in both micro and macro introductory economics, so I guess that makes me the resident expert here.

Check back often for news, adventure and puppy dragons, once you eat one you’ll never go back to Chinese food again!