Thursday, May 07, 2009

We don't need no water, we're arsonists retard...

Whatever science told you today, forget about it.

This is where geniuses collide like we're a bunch of Hadrons in a huge tunnel underground.

All of your favourite bloggers are out of school as far as I'm aware. It would seem that I'm the only one not cool enough to be out getting wasted instead of reaching out to my fans on a Thursday afternoon.
This is really early for me right now. I'm trying to make the most out of my break by waking up at a decent hour instead of 6PM everyday like I did during the school year.
This summer is full of potential. This summer is a trial by fire.

Ever feel like the forces of the universe are testing your mettle?


Yeah me neither....

What do you guys do to get rid of a cough? Sometimes a genius doesn't have all the answers, thus the contemporary mix part.... What do you guys do to make money?
I'm still thinking about grabbing a Pyrex and hitting the corners. Who do you have to know to become a famous drug dealer like Rick Ross?
What do you guys do for fun? That whole aspect of my life has been extracted from my life since I've been in university. Like those worms that they put in your eyeballs in the Matrix...
I loiter and listen to 90s dancehall for fun sometimes... But I'm curious about what you guys do.

Do people every give you a hard time for being a lightskin?Even like, if you're just white...?
Or if you're particularly dark?
Tell them their breath smells, and then refuse them a stick of Wrigley's for good measure.