Monday, May 04, 2009

Do me a favour and try not to betray your heart's deepest emotions in your facebook status.

Does it make me asshole if I read about blogs on wikipedia before I blog on blogger?
Is that like reading about crumping before going to perform at the school talent show?

How long does it take words to enter our dictionary? Why is crumping not in there yet? I've been crumping since like grade 8...
Given the current circumstances we are in an age of great potential. We stand on the brink of 2012 with our flags in one hand and guns in the other. BUT THERE IS HOPE.
My prediction for the future is that piggyflu (H1N1R2D2) will turn people into super cybernetic pig zombies that vomit blood.
Once the alien race comes in an attempt to right all the wrongs of humanity done to sweet Mother Earth, all us swinebots will fuck all ya'll alien hoes right up the yin yang!!11!!!!

True story. Why do you think I'm so mentally advanced for my age? I know you've always wondered that. It's not cause I read books or play videogames till I give my friends xbox36o the red rings of death.
It's cause I'm from the future and I'm immortal and I had brain implants in the future to make me super smart.
So yeah, basically...
It's pretty cool.


jamesforlife said...

This picture sent me on a wild ride. Thank you sir.