Saturday, May 02, 2009

Pirates. Not so bad?

I think there is a moment for everyone when they realize they want all the life. All of it. You want to squeeze every night and mix it with every day to a proportion that would only satisfy a mad man. And why not get a little crazy. You deserve to you are paying for this time so you might as well drink it up. It all looks edible now doesn't it. Experience has sharpened your teeth and only made your stomach bigger. I wonder what will be consumed first. You know what? It's wrong to say this epiphany is like a thirst or hunger because that would assume at some point you were satisified. No, the real beauty of your awakening is when you understand, forever, nothing has satisfied you.

Lets take up arms, quams, scuffles and battle always. This is the code for those who have lost their connection with the community. We're in the badlands now completely surrounded but entirely alone and I see a bunch of stuff I want.

Groups may gather around them but every grave is for one person.

Please support your locoal diaspora Somali Pirate group they are just trying to live life to the fullest. More seriously though, probably in the next 50 years they will have an established government that taxes ships for passing through their waters. So, I say pay the pirate tax now and later.