Wednesday, April 22, 2009


O MAN! Where do I begin. There's so much for us to discuss. Come sit cross legged while I rock in my rocking chair and share the stories that bind our lives together, since I've last posted. Almost a month ago? Irregardless <- not a word. Get comfortable, no...get cozy, cozy is like one up on the ‘at ease scale’ than comfortable. I think comfortable means you're mostly at ease, while being cozy denotes that you are completely at ease. Well where should I start?
First off Happy Belated Homeless Day! What's homeless day? It's the first day of the year in Toronto where the temperature rises above 20 degrees Celsius. I think it was late last week, and let me tell you, I saw some of the happiest looking homeless. Happy as in they weren’t cold. Which is all it takes really. Anyway the festivities include tag, hide and seek, and find food. Which is also the overarching theme of the day. Anyway, if you missed it, you probably aren’t homeless so good for you. In a related note Homeless Day is also Mini Skirt day, so there’s something for everyone.
I want to tell you the story of the little cactus. You see the cactus didn’t need rain man. It doesn’t need it. Has anyone yet attempted to ‘confiscate’ a police bicycle? I’ve noticed they don’t chain or lock them up. I could just hop on, and ride off with the sweetest 10 speed on the whole block. If I don’t do that before I’m thirty, going to university will have meant nothing.
Hrm. I’ve seemed to run out of blog worthy content already. I saw a girl with a CD player outside. Iunno what that's about if anything. Well if I’ve nothing more to say you can at least take solace in the simple truth that I’m posting again. Which I’m sure means a lot to my friend’s mom, and my other friend’s friend. O, and all you followers, nine is a good number, since it’s so close to ten and everything. And finally, Rusi’s real first name is not Braylon.