Monday, March 23, 2009

You don't like word association!? Well then how do you understand what you're reading?

scab cake
crab cake
dead lake
scandnavian root shakes

A power-pause: After someone is done saying something you remain silent. If executed properly the person talking should lose confidence giving you a chance to assume the dominant position in the conversation. If I could power-pause a situation I would do it all the time but that's just not me. I have to fill the gaps with questions, shit I know, comments, miscellaneous feedback like half grunt half laugh, short burst laugh, smile laugh open mouth no sound and smile laugh closed mouth no sound head bob. All other negative feedback falls under stern face cause I'm black and my stern face is scary.

Power-pausing is neither negative or positive it actually is nothing but silence. The person being subjected to a power-pause is forced to assume what the silence means. What a dickhead move right? You're in reality whistling Dixie cause you aint no city boy and then someone forces you into your mind where there are no rules. It's unfair but really it isn't so I guess telling you it is unfair was a useless point. Irregardless, I have a trick for surviving the onslaught your ego may put you through during a power-pause. I conviently put them into steps seperate from the rest of this post so you can paste them in notebook and possibly print them out on a card.

1) Take a deep breath it's your mind so you're in control
2) Remember that this person wants you to think or else they would pipe up and say something
3) So if you're in control and it's time to think then why not make it a positive experience
4) power-pauses are all about not offering any feedback so technically the person you are talking to does not want to be in existance for that moment. Which means you are free to think about yourself or things that concern you.
5) Come back to reality at some point.

I don't want you to be overwhelmed on your first delve into your mind so here are some things I like to do during a power-pause. I mentally massage my shoulders because it would be nice to always have a shoulder massage so I imagine I'm getting one. You could also think of doing some other nice things for yourself like remembering a good meal or thinking of a great slam dunk.

Honestly I wrote this post then googled power-pause to find a pic and this is what I found; Power Pause. NUTS! We have slightly different ideas but I think I should write a book called "The Real Power Pause"


simply.steph said...

Holy shit, that's what it's called... I always fall prey to the power pause when I talk to one of my coworkers. He pulls this shit all the time and I end up squirming and talking about the most random shit afterward to fill the silence and he KOs me with a hot smirk of silence as if to say "I got you dumb ho where I want you". What a bastard...