Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yo Fuck This Guy

I said that quite a few times last night to various people in various different circumstances.  Cut Copy is great.  I love the music.  It makes me happy.  Circa: the venue in which they played last night is the opposite, in the sense that it is not great, and it does not make me happy.  This is because it sucks and it makes me angry.  And this is because there are a lot of people (girls and guys) that need to fuck off.  
When we got to the venue I pulled the biggest club line butt-in of my life.  I actually just went right behind the guy at the front of the line.  It was pretty apparent but the Macho guarding the door didn't seem to care.  There was a bit of a commotion behind me however, I heard the faint ramblings of, "He totally butted", but I didn't seem to care, and the powers at be gave me their blessing because the man at the front of the line said we can go ahead of him because we butted right in the middle of the group and his friends were behind us.  That part was great.
First, we present out tickets, one guy takes em and waves us inside.  
"Ugh, don't we get a wristband or a stamp?"
"No, no in and out"
"Okay...but everyone else with tickets are getting wristbands..."
He just continued waiving, my friend was pretty irked by his behavior and I comforted her with a "fuck that guy."

We arrived obviously looking for the bar.  There was a lady beside me trying to get some water (weak) but I felt bad cause the barbitch was full on giving her the "We Don't Serve No Water At Coyote Ugly" routine.  After much shouting and waiting the lady finally got her water, and after much waiting on my part I got our drinks, minus the alcohol.  I didn't ask for a coke, and I let her know by chugging the whole glass in front of her and asking for a beer.  As I walked away I shot her a sideglance which basically sums up to a visual interpretation of "Yo, fuck this guy"  I notice she tried shooting me a glance but she was doing busy serving people child drinks to pull off a good one, so I won that battle.  

At this point I was already feeling a bit pissed.  Cut Copy wasn't on yet, and Circa sucks so me and my  Paolo Rey (you know who you are and that's your new nickname) were mostly ranting about how bad it is.  I had to go to the bathroom and about 30 dudes decided they had to go at the exact same time as me.  I know this because I was walking toward the bathroom door which had absolutely no line up, and by the time I got there there was a lineup major.  Which is french for major lineup.  I was so steaming I  just said fuck you guys.

Later on in the night Paolo's drink was finished and she didn't know where to put it, so I took it from and flung it on the ground along with my beer, that was just a little follow up fuck you to circa and the barbitch.

By now Paolo and I got separated with the rest of our group.  This will inevitably happen anytime you go anywhere with anyone.  We decided to go back downstairs to have a marginally better chance of finding them.  However there was a security guard blocking the stairs.  He started letting people in but wouldn't let Paolo and I through.  This was the last straw really.
"You're not letting us go downstairs!?"
"No, downstairs is blocked now."
"You just let those people down."
"Get outta here guys."
I thought of the best way to humiliate him, so I turned to Paolo and stuck out my thumb like I'm hitchhiking, and cocked it way back over to the security guard.  This is known as the "that guy" gesture.  So I gave him the "that guy" complete with the "this guy is a clown" facial expression, and then turned to him and gave my most audible, "Yo fuck this guy" of the night.  I could see him soak the pain in, at which point we left.  Two more fuck this guy moments occured but you already read the best one so I'll leave those out for brevity.  But after all those moments we decided to just leave (note Cut Copy was great though although we couldn't really see them well).

Upon leaving I had a nice conversation with a stranger about how bad Circa is, so that was nice.


Kid Vincent said...

I like that Circa is superhero themed and all my favourite artists are always playing there.

I don't like that I'm never allowed to go because I'm not 19...

I'm afraid that by the time I am 19 the music I like now will dissapear off the map kinda like punk rock in 1984...

simply.steph said...

the security guard took my swiss army knife and said he'd place it at the front desk for me to collect at the end of the night. When I went to the front desk apparently no security guard left a swiss army knife. fucking thief. Now fuck that guy, he'd be the only one I would shank in that club.... ok that's a lie.

jamesforlife said...

Sidestory: I once gave Tim Degen (or however the fuck you spell his name, dude from much music) the "that guy" thumb gesture along with a "pffft" smirk while saying "...hey its this guy..ha"

Good story, my favorite part is dropping the glass/bottle on the floor. Fuck Circa. James for life.

Nat-attack said...

i want to rant about circa tooo!! okay so the story and santiago were trying to get to the coat check..a)it took 20 mins minimum and b) it was freakin jam packed....and so as we were trying to get through w/e space, this girl turns to me and says 'dont push'...i swear thats like saying dont breath...i looked at her and said...'right' haha i didnt want to get all scarborough on her...she would have punched me and i couldnt run...or move away or anything...
so the moral of the story is that i hate circa....
p.s. we saw the boys from cut copy...after they passed by us..because me and santiago didnt know how they looked like to begin by the time BB looked em up they were gooooone..
p.s.s. paolo rey bahahahaha...good one bent