Tuesday, January 20, 2009


You people make me sick.
Didn't Illest Bent Handstyle make it clear enough for you.
Flavour wave = Mister T., cooks your food in a multitude of ways.
George Foreman Grill = Some loser ex-boxer (not the video game console) dries up you food and makes you less fat. (LAME)

But I guess that's simply one of the pitfalls of democracy.

Regardless, I'd like to bring something up... If I had to die, I would want to go in a humourous and memorable. "For the glory" if you wish.

A man once had an office on the top floor of an office building. Every day he would chat his clients up with comments about the view. He particularly enjoyed running at top speed into the glass as if pretending to jump out the window. He did this often, until one day he flew right through the glass and plummeted to his death.

While speeding towards the concrete, acquiring terminal velocity, I would have a huge smile on face. The thoughts going through my mind could only be "I totally deserve this."

Which brings me to wonder. What is the number one, worldwide respected most ironic death?

Probably would be pretty stupid to die of Syphilis...
That's just my opinion.