Thursday, January 22, 2009

To my dearest love,

We’ve been together for as long as I can remember. Through the good and the bad you’ve always been by my side, patiently awaiting our time together. As I got older it seemed we connected more and more and I was falling further and further in love with you. Remember back in highschool.. I used to be with you almost everyday, those were the good old days. As soon as I got home, it was our time, just the two of us in the house enjoying each other’s company; until my parents would come home and ruin everything. . I think some of my favourite times with you have been when I sneak you in at the back of my classes... I know everyone can see but I don’t care, my love is too strong to hide. Recently I feel we have drifted apart, perhaps I am getting too busy to carry on this relationship. But as we drift apart it becomes even more evident how much I need you to feel whole and now I want you more than ever. With all the stress of school and life I find myself yearning for your delicate embrace. You are always there when I need you and you never over stay your welcome. Sometimes, you overwhelm me and I have to give into your temptation wherever I am..even in the bathroom, the bus, and that one time I was at some sort of dinner concert with my family. The band was behind me and my family was infront of me, but I didn't care, I wanted you right there, so I did what any man in love would do and took you right there. I even know that when we are together during the day I won’t be able to be with you again until late into the night, but I don't care. It’s times like these that I hesitate and wonder, “Are things getting too serious? Is this relationship taking a toll on other aspects of my life?” I quickly shake these uncertain feelings as you shoot me that little droopy eyed look, my arms fold  and my head starts to dip, I know that this means it’s time to get down to business. As I slowly drift further into your embrace I feel a sense of euphoria and wonder why I can’t be with you all day long, but I know in my heart that that is impossible. And I know you wouldn’t let me separate myself from reality in that way, I’ve tried! You’re so wonderful. Even though I see you with other people, I know that its only temporary and that you will be back to me in no time. They don’t have the same relationship that we do, this is special, this is... forever.


Love always,




The Illest Bent Handstyle said...

This is either about masterbation or counter-strike.

the love of your life said...

So your shout mix box is holding me to a limiting amount of Characters which inhibits me to fully express my opinion on the most Respectful ironic death. Personally I pity the 3 that find The alien probing one to be it. I hope those people die That way... It probably would look like this
Even watching it is a form of torture. Lord knows the killers have been sent by north korea to kill our wills to live. We
ll anywho, I say the most ironic death would be being trampled house all along, waiting for you to lift that one floor board up. -Jeff

JEFF said...

GODDAMN stupid lag on keyboard I type so bloody fast that it didn't pick up the last sentence.
What i really said was "
Well anywho, I say the most ironic death would be being trampled BY DINOS
AURS LIVING UNDER YOUR house all along, waiting for you to lift that one floor board up.

Kid Vincent said...

Yeah that would be pretty ironic.
Jamesforlife has Narcolepsy, Try taking iron pills.
We would have put in more situationally ironic deaths but that would just wear our already attention strained readers.