Monday, December 22, 2008

Yogurt Fight

What do I think Angel sex looks like? Well first off it sounds beautiful. My next opinion would have to be that angel sex probably smells great. As for what it looks like. It probably looks like nothing. Keep in mind that these are angels so they probably hump faster than the speed of light. Plus, all of the blinding magic and splendor that would be generated between the two celestial bodies would be so magnificent that you would cry way too much to see.

So animals are scary right... and I was thinking what did the Natives do on the first winter season when they saw all the bears just sleeping;

"yo Walking Turtle, you know that big scary fucking bear that was terrorizing the village all summer"

"Dennis you know I know about the bear, its a big scary bear, I'm not a stupid moron who forgets when there is a big scary bear tearing people open with its claws."

"Yo its asleep"


"fast asleep, I was making a ton of noise you know practicing my dances and shit, huge bear sleeping behind me"

"wow asleep I gotta see this and then kill em, kill em dead!"

Since we are getting close to the new year I thought I would tell everyone what 2009's new fear will be (great poll idea by the way). Basically, it was brokendown to me like this.

"the only reason sharks haven't killed everyone yet is because we are on land. If we were in the water the sharks would kill every single person."

"no way, bullshit. There are way too many people"

"It would only take a thousand sharks to eat the entire population"

Now the person I was talking to is not a marine biologist but he told me the exact number of sharks it would take so I have to respect the math. It would be like if someone said you were going to die in half an hour. The fraction alone makes it sound somewhat credible.

How am I doing? Well a snow storm cancelled my physics exam this week so I'm doing peachy. Oh and I went out and drank till I got drunk got home put my johnnie walker away took out my contacts and went to sleep. But then I woke up the next day in my underwear on the living room couch and I have no idea how that happened or why I would think it was a good idea to get out of my bed and go downstairs to the couch..... the mysteries of the human heart and the conflicts of our inner spirit definately challenge the mind to an interesting game. Or, you drink 3 beers in 10 minutes after drinking whiskey straight all night... I don't know I aint no scientist.


Song of Style said...

hope u have a lovely christmas!