Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Vote Tuesdays: Wednesday Eve Fears?

Welcome to vote tuesday on wednesday.  And not just any Wednesday, Christmas EVE Weeeee. For all those that don't know how this works, keep reading, all others, keep reading too because my words are precious, so let the gamma rays bake your eyes.

As Rusi alluded to, this post is about 2009 fears, I'm going to let this poll run all the way to the new year, so the next poll will be the first poll of 2009 sooo... that will be exciting and stuff.
Basically you look to the right.  Okay?  You pick the thing the scares your pants the most.

I'll give a little breakdown of the poll this time.

Sharks (again):  You know sharks Rusi summed them up pretty well.  Fish with teeth.
Geo Politics:  Will Iran get nukes?  (that will probably be a poll soon)
The LHC:  The smartest guys don't know what's going to happen, that's a bit unnerving.
Lasers:  Botox gone wrong?
2012:  If you don't know about 2012 don't vote on my poll.

Teehee, that's not a very good breakdown, its actually kind of condescending.
Merry Christmas

PS.  dreams are weird, more on that the day after boxing day, which will be the day after the day I splash mad cash on the haters.