Friday, December 26, 2008

Hater Splashing Day

December 26th:  Hater Splashing Day.  This is a particularly important boxing day because it is boxing day 2008.  2008, also known as 20H8 (twenty hate, or two thousand hate) is the year of the hater.  We all have haters, people just hating on you for whatever reason because that's who they are.  When you're a scumbag there is always a lot of haters, and if you're emotionally stunted as well they can really irk you.  This is a volatile combination.  But today is the day to prove them wrong.  Today is the day you get to splash mad amounts of cash on the haters.  Don't let the haters win.  The haters said you don't have any money, any cash, any change, moolah, loot, shillings, greenbacks, dollas, lettuce, cabbage, bread, dough, bacon, flow, bones or scrilla.  Well, don't even say anything, let them think they have won, and reach into your bill fold, purse or wallet and proceed to make it rain splashing C-notes all down their necks and backs until their standing in a puddle.  They'll pick it up off the floor, and you should let them, because you/we have no interest in money, we just want THINGS.  They need the money so let them have it.

How you like to splash is up to you.  Some do it with a smile, or a scowl, but remember to be yourself and have fun.

Happy Hater Splashing Day everyone!


Kid Vincent said...

I went to the eatons centre and splashed on pretty much everybody from the top floor.
I even splashed my admirers.
It was special.