Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vote Tuesdays: Fighting Moves

There is something to be said about crumbling buildings and instant noodles, doomed economies and female androids, these are the swirling eddies of our times, the mistakes of our existence.  This post has nothing to do with any of these, but it makes for an epic intro, and don't steal it because when I have an epic post I'm going to use it.  This however is about polls.  

It seems car has won.  Pardon me if my excitement is not felt through the eye damaging LCD screen in which you are probably sitting too close.  I'm still waiting for the girls from the Side Order of Style blog to tell me what I have to post about.  But I'm pretty cool if you haven't heard so I'll make the best of it.

On to newer and better things.  The new poll is up and its about fighting, because when you spend most of your day scumming strangers on the street sometimes you have to fight a hero or two.

PS.  Anytime I want someone to read an entire post, I will definitely put up a random picture of puppies from now on.  I can't believe how popular those puppies were.  I'm pretty sure I could take over the internet if I had enough puppies at my disposal, oh no....I can't stop myself!


Silje said...

Haha, I will help you make it a success! PUPPIES!!<3

Cakemaster said...

Couldn't readers just tl;dr the post and skip to the picture?? Not gonna lie though, I am easily attracted by pictures.