Tuesday, December 16, 2008


For those of you not cool enough to keep up with Futurama, you probably dont know what a Sprunger is. It is an attribute of the Scammer Aliens, it is large and pouch like, and situated under the chin (think of a frog). It is used to seek out information which is what the Scammer Aliens thrive off of. 

I’ve got this job.. some of you may already know about it, others may not. I work in the scummiest part of the IT world, Data Entry also referred to as Data Scrapping or Sprunging. If you don’t know what a data entry job entails I will give you quick synopsis to bring you up to speed. A company gives me a bunch of shit they want organized into an Excel spread sheet (could be any kind of information, I have to sign waivers and shit saying that I won’t distribute any of this information for the lulz). I take this aforementioned shit and type it into Excel and send it back to them. Sounds pretty easy right?...Oh and did I mention I do this job from home, on my laptop?.. Yea..sweet ass

I started this job back in the summer..It was a little more intense then. I was given a list of Caribbean countries, I think there were about 13 or so, and told to go to their equivalent of the Yellow Pages and look up all the lawyers in the country and take down all their information. Most of you probably don’t know how it feels to Sprunge like this.. it feels gross.. Looking up people’s names, then using Google to find out all their information and taking it all down for this company. They most likely take this information and start spamming all these people with random lawyer shit. So basically I am where spam emails and sales calls originate from... Yup...

So I’m BACK on this job now, doing my thizzle. This time around however, the company has provided me with photocopied sheets of business cards they have acquired at various conferences, as well as ballots for prizes they were giving out at these conferences. LMAO, this is why I NEVER sign up for those prizes when I’m at a conference; because I’m the scumbag that takes that info and organizes it for these companies to turn around and start spamming YOU punks. When I first got this job I felt like such a degenerate, sitting on my laptop all day, searching out mad infoz on the web, feeling like the scum of the earth...but now I’ve developed a thirst for personal information...and its growing. You won’t even know when I’ve got your information, who I’m sending it to and what they are doing with it. But if it’s out there, I’ll find it =) BAHAHAHahahahahahHAhaha


Nat-attack said...

ha...oh my gosh i always sign up for those random prizes (usually the ones with coffee mugs and jams)..with lots of hope...

p.s. your job sounds so fun, i mean you get to spam and get paid for it...thanks to you my inbox is never lonely:)

p.p.s happy belated birthday!!