Wednesday, December 03, 2008

So I was screwing around with my TV the other day cause that's usually what I do on other days. I don't really have anything going on in my life seeing as I got fired and don't have school this week.
You might ask yourself, "Why doesn't Kid have studying to do?", "Why isn't he out getting tang?" (The drink, obviously... perv.)
Well I would say to these questions, "Shut your bludclat mout!" and continue to give you 40 lashes with the usb cord for my iPod. I handle my business, but nobody said it was any of yours.


A strange possibility presented itself as I was fooling around with the cords at the back of my television. What would happen if I plugged the wires from my stereo into the video jack on my TV? Without stopping to research any nonsense on that internet thing, I went straight to work.
Upon turning on my TV and pumping up the volume of Mozart's Symphony No.38 


to full volume, a woman, static and somewhat transparent, appeared in the fuzzy snow on the screen.
She smiled at me and sang the words, "Hello Kid, my name is God."

Unfortunately, none of my homeboy Motz was audible during all this. 

God beckoned me into the television set, she wanted to dance.
We got down in like 532 629 931 different ways. I almost ran out of moves. 
We danced for what felt like 12 years as sound seemed to bleed from out of her skin into mine. Every note from A to G and every sharp and flat in between filled every pore of our existence. We didn't speak, but when we opened our mouths every sound I have ever experienced since birth occupied my eardrums.
Eventually we were tired. I had grown a beard finally (not enough testosterone apparently... Can't grow a beard in real life), and I decided it would be good if I went and shaved. I was also rather famished.
Expecting to leave the TV and have had years pass, my family all moved away assuming I was kidnapped, I walked downstairs, puzzlingly beardless, to find myself just in time for dinner.
Apparently I had slept until 7:30 in the evening...
But I can't say for sure if it was a dream. 
Every time it snows on TV I see her dancing.