Sunday, December 07, 2008

Emotionally Stunted

Anyone notice that in Vincent's latest post he didn't bother with a title?  It got me wondering why he would leave that out.  In first year I wrote a paper for my pop lit class, I forgot to title it and when I got the essay back the very first thing I noticed was a huge "Title??" glaring out on the first page minus five marks.  I started wondering if it was an intentional move from Vincent.  Was it for shock value?  For some laughs maybe?  Did it have to do with the post he wrote?  It was a very twisting narrative so maybe he extended the feeling of himself in the story and applied those emotions to the physical layout of the post, leaving it title-less.  He probably just forgot.

A man once told me that you should move out when you are sixteen.  Now, I am all for moving out.  I think it is necessary to live alone and pave a way of life for yourself and develop a philosophy of living.  You simply cannot do that at home.  However I felt sixteen was a bit young, when I was sixteen I didn't know shit.  I knew how to calculate surface area really well.  Some trigonometry, but math is useless so that stuff is all bull anyway.  But this man brought up an interesting point.  He said he moved out when he was sixteen and had he not he would be mentally and emotionally stunted.  He expanded that as well and said, ANYONE who doesn't move out by sixteen will be mentally and emotionally stunted until they are gone.  

I suppose I did some introspection and felt like maybe I was stunted.  In the end I felt like I would know the answer if I put it to a poll and have people who only know me through some writing decide.  And it was overwhelming, clearly I, and the rest of the staff are emotionally stunted and its apparent in our narrative.  (shrug)  I'm cool with that if you're cool with that.  I was surprised though, I thought scumbag would win for sure.  I'm also happy that if you put the pretty funny and positively hilarious together as a positive vote it outnumbers not funny at all.  If you voted for that you're probably too dumb to get it anyway so I guess I should just pity you. 

So on Tuesday a new vote will go up as promised Jamesforlife has a pretty nice one brewing but you can suggest topics and CMoG loves the kids so if its good we will use it.  Then 25 people will vote on it and you will feel good.


simply.steph said...

I thought the title was music, since it was on the picture and he just didn't want to be repetitive.

Rusi said...

Ohhhh snap!

Kid Vincent said...

To be honest the thought of making a title did cross my mind. I simply could not extract anything from the post that really encapsulated what I was going for. Although "music" probably would have worked, as simply.steph put it, it would just be repetitive :-)