Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rock The Vote

Vote Tuesday.  So this is how it will work.  New vote every Tuesday, the vote will run for five days, so it will end on Saturday/Sunday.  Monday we drink booze feed the kids and look at the results and on Tuesday a new vote will be up.  This vote is about the staff of CMoG, because I’m curious on how we are perceived.  Hopefully everything will run smoothly and be cool or something.

As Rusi once said.  "Don't let the horses dress themselves.  We will dress them, then we will race them"

You voted for Obama, why not vote here?


The Illest Bent Handstyle said...

I got the process started voting for us being Scumbags, Emotionally Stunted, Geniuses, Positively Hilarious and Assholes

enc said...

I had to vote "Geniuses," because I know better than to underestimate people I barely know! I want to start off on the right foot with youze, and since this is my first time over here, I thought I'd better butter you up.

Did it work?