Monday, December 01, 2008

December 1st and Our Frog and Your Mom

Why hasn't there been a post in over a week?  Back in the old days it would be rare to have more than one post a week, but I admit its a bit odd now, but I have a very good reason.  The CMoG staff believes in true democracy, and although I cannot speak for the rest of the Scumbag Alliance, I know that had I made another post during the battle of the CMoG frog name, it would be nothing but pure propaganda for 'Warhol'.  On that note...

Eleven days and forty-seven votes later the CMoG frog is CMoG no more.  We will always remember the roots of our beloved tree frog but it was time for a change and with more than 60 percent of the votes Captain Mustafa leapt out early and never looked back.  It must be the 'Captain' part.  Thanks to everyone who voted unless you did not vote for Warhol than you are kind of stupid, and thanks to everyone who suggested a name in the first place.

So what have we been doing for the past week?  Well since my last post I had apple pie twice. (YUMMMM)

Crystal Castles played in Toronto November 28th.  And they were AWESOME.  I would recommend everyone to check them out.

It's December 1st and with a new month comes new things and stuff.  I kinda liked the voting this past week so I'm thinking of implementing a vote of the week.  Leave a shot or comment on what the next voting topic should be, and we will run one every week starting monday.  AKA if there are no topics that I like by the end of tonight the Alliance and I will make one up, and it will be bad ass.  Some things running through my head right now are best unorthodox pet, or best universal Christmas gift.  

What makes studying for exams so bloody hard.  I have exams starting in two days, I was home all day yesterday and didn't get an ounce of studying done.  Its true I'm a genius and studying is nto really required for me, but still not studying at all is ill advised.  I felt like every time I even though of opening a text book I would get chills, as if I'm actually developing a physical adverse reaction to school.  When I'm done with this semester... You'll have to wait and see


megs said...

Aww, I totally missed the voting process. I'll definitely get in on that next week.

Best universal Christmas gift. 'Cause I'm stuck and haven't thought of anything for anyone yet...