Friday, November 21, 2008


Early last night I slipped and split my head open on the pavement.
My brains went everywhere.
I could hear,
one man say how serene the look on my face was.
As I lay eyes open, on the icy ground.
Serenity unfortunately was far from reach. All I thought about,
was telling her what happened. 

When I left she was eating an apple.
Red and silent in her hand.
The room was full of all we had said and done and neither of us wanted to say anymore.
All to easy, it was to mouth these fleeting feelings. But to contract the lungs,
and produce a sound.

As blood and all of my greatest secrets pooled out around my skull,
like a paint can,
carelessly knocked over.
I was purposefully set on my side. She would have been so pleased.
Voodoo was more than a fleeting feeling.

She always loved her dolls.