Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cover Your Face in Shame

If you have to push all the blankets off your bed do it because we're not perfect. You see the snow, you anticipate the cold blast in the morning, and you confirm your prediction by covering your bed in blankets. At this point you are at the top of the food chain, a logical beast, able to reason and use resources better than any Mcgyveranian swine ever could. You feel incredibly smart and filled with courage to face the future. But then it hits you like the sour smell of laundry left in the washer; or the rancid taste of an apple after you brush your teeth... I am too hot and it is all my fault. Blast! what an avoidable situation one less blanket and all the late night tossing would never exist. At this moment it is important to reflect because I believe too many blankets can reveal a human's true personality. Someone who tries to sweat it out is too stubborn to realize they would have fallen asleep if it was possible. Maybe you're the kicking type, violent and primative, thrashing at the sheets until you reach the desired layering. These are two extremes it is up to all of us to find out how we lower our temperature under too many blankets.

The other day after 7 or so Jager bombs I needed to take a little break to cool down. Everyone just finished watching the UFC match so we put on the PS3 (cause its in Blu-Ray and not crappy ass HD-DVD like some other system I heard these two homeless men with no pants arguing about). Half way into an epic battle with 60 gamers (yes Resistance 2 is siiiccckk) my friend who I left in the kitichen started a fight with the owner of the house.

"I'll fuck you up man!" (my friend)

"How are you gonna do that in crutches" (scottish accent and owner of the house)

Long story short they didn't fight but that didn't stop my friend from trying to crutch his ass 3 miles in the rain. Which brings me back to my original point sometimes we have to kick the blankets off but please for your sake and everyone around you figure out how you like to do it.

*I eventually convinced my friend to get a ride with me cause I'm not 100% scumbag I did however take a dump in their house and not flush cause I'm about 90% scumbag... WOOT!

I thought dancing with wolves was a movie about Native Americans turns out its actually a musical.