Thursday, October 09, 2008

Take This Street To Good Music

The Streets' new album is mucho pimp styles. Loads better than his third record, "The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living" which wasn't terrible, and did have it's moments, but ultimately was a poor effort.
People who know me know I love Pitchfork, it’s a one stop shop for all music news be it Ska, Alt Rock, Hip Hop or Denmark based indie pop, basically everything under the sun. It simply is just so genre encompassing that I can keep up with all my favorite artists (and there are many) whether it be tour dates, interesting news, and of course upcoming albums.
So naturally when I saw the Pitchfork review for The Streets’ latest effort titled “Everything is Borrowed” I was very excited. My opinion of the album, however is a far cry from what Pitchfork rated the record. (4.5/10).

It is definitely true that this is not the same Mike Skinner we met during Original Pirate Material and surely not during A Grand Don’t Come For Free. I didn’t expect to hear a Streets record with a green track about humanities impending doom (wtf is up with that). But on the same note I suppose as a more recognized artist, he should use his music to get out messages like that. Too bad he didn't put a shout out for Obama.

But I like this Mike just the same. Hazy drug stories and struggles have been replaced with the hazy alternate reality that is stardom. Just as addictive and bad for your health! Mike’s lyrics have always been filled with advice since Original Pirate Material. Although sometimes on this record the tone can be slightly condenscending the main difference is; Instead coming from an intense cloud of pessimism that is “Just Trying to Stay Positive” off OPM we are left with the more positive outlook of “On The Edge Of A Cliff” and “The Escapist” and Mike reminds us that though his situation has changed he’s been there. And through his magical storytelling I feel like I was right there with him.