Monday, October 06, 2008

Give A Warm Welcome To...

It is a busy day here at Contemporary Mix of Genius.  I'm very proud at the new banner I made, as it was time that CMoG looked as good as it reads.  And I think this new look is the start to many changes here.

I must be tapped into the spiritual world because our second major change is already underway.  It's a well kept secret that CMoG houses some of the flyest Geniusi (plural for genius) on the internet.  So today following that trend we welcome jamesforlife.  He started his iPhone link only a few days ago and now is a full fledged member of the team.

We don't add members lightly at CMoG, it being a two person blog for little over a year now.  While I was considering to give jamesforlife an invite I remembered something he said to me.  He is in for the lulz.  which is internet talk for lol.  I think anybody who is still in it for the lulz is displaying the characteristics of being in it for the glory.  In actuality they are the same thing.

I look forward to reading whatever jamesforlife wants to write about and seeing even more things out of his iPhone link.

I'm sure jamesforlife will further enlighten us at to what he is all about shortly.


The CMoG Staff


simply.steph said...

BIG things. three cheers for the new addition. One just has to ask. can the internet handle the "flyest Geniusi" all on one blog?

megs said...

hahah what Steph said!
Welcome, to the new addition :)

& I've actually checked out the Sad Robot EP, but I don't like it quite as much as their older stuff. I think it's tooo mellow for Stars, at least for my taste. However, I do enjoy the live recording they've included of Going, Going, Gone. Maybe I just have to give it all a listen again, we'll seee