Sunday, October 12, 2008

Good Things Happen In Threes

First there was the Jamesforlife and his very cool iPhone link.

Then the new banner, notice there is ANOTHER new banner (I'm gonna just pump these out and get them to rotate when I have the time to remember my HTML coding skills)

And now we have Rusi.  Few people know about the little blog entitled, "Narc-Assisted Fix" which actually was the inspiration for CMoG.  I got a link for those interested of checking out Narc-Assisted Fix.  You can find it in the, "Things you should like" side menu.  I won't even try to summarize or explain the narrative style Rusi uses, it's just something you have to read for yourself.  As a follower of Rusi's blog, I was disappointed when he stopped writing.  So when he asked if he could be an author on CMoG, I didn't hesitate.

Our little family is growing with the goal of adding quality not quantity.  I am very convinced we are heading in the right direction.

Teehee, too much CNN, I write like a politician.