Wednesday, October 01, 2008

JamesForlife iPhone TV Update


It's a new month out there today, and here at CMoG we like new things.  Especially if they're free.  So after some deliberation of the highest kind.  I'm going to go ahead and seize the moment to tell everyone about a new feature here at CMoG.  I wish Kid Vincent was here beside me on my e-podium, and you know what...maybe he e-spirit.  I'm sorry I can't lie, the truth is I haven't seen him in months and am debating whether a call to his family would be out of order.  But before this turns into a discussion of whether the internet is powered by immigrant souls (do the research).  I would like to introduce everyone to JamesForlife iPhone TV.  Which you can see there over in the sidebar.  Instead of posting a blog entry every time James updates his Live Link, a self updating embed will always be in the sidebar.  Check back often for updates and see wtf James is doing sometimes.  I've been told nudity is in the near future.


The CMoG staff.


Nat-attack said...

*Gasp*...nudity.....when? where? how? and i am in.