Sunday, September 28, 2008

JamesForlife iPhone Link

If you jailbreak your iPhone, you can get this crazy iPhone application that lets you live stream video from your iphone, Waaa?!?!?

This is JamesForlife demonstrating some of it's capabilities.  I'm going to try to get him to live link at a certain time say 7pm every wednesday and post some silliness.


simply.steph said...

let me get this straight, is that jamesforlife on his live link? It was really unclear watching that vid... BTW we expect some silliness on wed. Or natasha will come after you with teeth.

The Illest Demented Handstyle said...

Hey Stepth, you got it pretty much straight, that was JamesForlife briefly showing us live video his iPhone, which is later saved. I'll be updating that link with a new video today.^^

simply.steph said...

When I said it was really unclear watching that vid I really meant it was soooo clear. just to be clear. &yaay for updating the link.