Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dreams Are Meant To Last Forever

I wouldn't say that I'm not a filmmaker.  Sure I haven't made any films recently, but is making a film the only parameter in consideration?  For example, what if I want to be a filmmaker?  Surely this makes me one as well.  I know I'm stretching it here, but I can't just let the dream of being a filmmaker die.  Dying is for the old and the African.  In any case, I found some videos I made on youtube.  The first, "Boss Brother" is the more recent.  I wrote, directed and edited it on my home PC with a legit version of adobe premiere.  I made it because my sister needed a video to get into radio and television at Ryerson.  Even though she doesn't have a creative bone in her body, I decided to lend her a hand.  She got in by the way...

This next one I made during the summer after I graduated from high school.  During the last four days of my final semester I traveled with a digital camera and just...filmed I guess.  Took in all the information of young teenage angst and excitedness.  The underlining theme of the film, and the question explored throughout most the film through the use of interviews and metaphor is a simple one.  "What does the end of highschool mean to you?"  I'll give you a hint on the answer, nobody is too sure.

So the film runs about 37 minutes, I authored a DVD complete with scene selection, special features and director interview, and sold the contents of my soul (in a good way) for ten dollars around the neighborhood.   The feedback was actually positive, (much to my surprise, as although I was confident of my work I had an acute fear of the general public thinking it simply sucked) I think I sold in and around ten copies, and at the time I suppose I believed it was the start to an independently funded grass roots movement of an up and coming indie filmmaker of the best kind.  The kind that is in it for the art, and the glory.(note glory and fame are not the same thing)

So to market my little short I produced a series of trailers before the film was finished.  Three trailers in all, and uploaded them to some whack site I can't remember anymore.  This one I put on youtube, and by that grace I can share it here today.  I'll look through my old DVDs and see if I can find the very first trailer I made which is my favorite.

If you want to see the full version leave a comment and email me and I'll get you a DVD signed by the director for five bucks.

I'm not crying it's just raining... inside my heart.


simply.steph said...

congrats on the 4th person, big things every time I go on CMOG. New banner, new people. the trailer was very moving, you can sign me up for a dvd, natasha can be the middle man for this trade off. OH! and the frog is kinda freaky on the lower right side...