Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Get Up To Get Down

Back to the grind, as they say in Hawaii. Back to the proverbial dick in my ass. Raping my bottom for 8 months. Am I just going to bend over and let (I shudder to say the word) SCHOOL. Rape me again? No. Not this time. This time I look school in the eye and say I don't want a cock meat sandwich. I got a plan. I got a Foolproof plan this time. Buy the textbooks, read said textbooks. Yea, that's phase one. Phase two takes it to a whole new level. Go to classes, take notes in said classes. I really think I'm on to something here. In my last few semesters at this higher learning institution, I think I'm ready to start doing work. I know that's the key to university. Because I did that last semester and had a GPA over 3.0. So I know this isn't new rave experimentalism, this is tried and true.
However, they say no plan is foolproof, and to be honest I can already see chinks in my armor. Girls. Girls fuck shit up. It's simply hard to concentrate when an attractive lady is around. I have the maturity of a twelve year old. Case in point. It took me around abouts a half hour to write everything you have just read. Because there was a pretty lady sitting across from me. But pretty is an understatement, she was gorgeous. Like the kind of girl you feel you know already, like her name is on the tip of your tongue. Then you become upset because you don't know her from anywhere, and have no clue as to what she is called. I swear she looked so familiar, and I had to catch myself from staring too intently while I was trying to place where I know her from. I even browsed some facebook friends to see if her face came up. Look, now she's got me talking about her, while this post was supposed to be how I am going mad David the school: Goliath.
I like the new Bloc Party album.