Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ramblings Of A Sleepless Night

Check MY backpack for explosives? No sir, you don’t have to check my backpack officer. All I have in there are some toiletries and my iPod. We all know terrorists don’t have iPods’, because terrorists hate music, that’s one of the things that makes them so terrifying. Once, a family of mice were terrorizing my home. They didn’t really blow anything up, they just kind of scurried around and hid from me. I took that as them being modest. So I put on a few modest mouse records and laughed at the irony. Eventually I called in an expert to kill them all. But the point is a terrorist would never do that. Listen to modest mouse I mean, I would imagine they would have no qualms about killing mice. Which in theory would make them excellent exterminators, but like all theories cannot be proved because if we made terrorists hunt and kill rats human rights or whatever wouldn’t like it. But that’s going on a tangent. Affairs in the US don’t concern me too much, because at the rate Canada is going, we will be the Super Power, and hassle Americans at OUR borders. And isn’t that really what these problems are all about? Borders, we should do away with them. Lines only divide, they make horrible friends. In fact most geometric shapes do (I’m aware a line is not a geometric shape) we should do away with all of them. Except circles, because mathematics has shown us that they are perfect. My tenth grade math teacher always told me mathematics is important, and I should not neglect my studies, but he had a tattoo on his hand, so what’s he know really? Except how to make bad decisions? But hindsight is 20/20, like in hindsight I wish I had a book to read right now instead of writing this to pass the night away. What’s that? You know, read…like a book….never mind.