Monday, January 21, 2008

Multiple Choice

The anger that subsides inside of me, cannot be stopped so easily
The questions asked inside of me, cannot be answered so easily
These cannot be thrown away with a yes or no answer
Explanations are needed

The balls it takes to ask this question,
Is a social lubricant needed?
I must do this alone
Cannot have this ‘blamed’ on anything that may affect my judgement
But then the question itself affects my judgement
Did you know, you are taught not to drive while emotional?
they consider it being impaired
so if that makes me impaired am I in the right condition to be asking the question?
could I take an answer I didn't want to hear
maybe thats why I've been putting it off

but if I ask the question what then?
if I get nothing close to the answer I wanted
would that make it better?
possibly better than I am right now
everyone says do it for closure
but why for closure
what if the answer I didn't want to hear makes it worse
but then regret is brought up
I will regret it if I don't do it
there is no correct answer
Multiple Choice THINK FAST
A) DO it you pussy
B) Grow Some balls
C) Don't do it, it could make everything worse
D)Never decide

Up until now it's been D)
It's easy to say what you would do, I know it's an easy answer when it's not me
but life's a bitch when you actually need to make a decision...

- Written by Choice