Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Scoot Over Here Baby

My name is Kid Vincent

I'm real hard

I rep Blacklist'd, TTS and SWB

But I've got a little secret to share with you...

I ride a scooter.

Yes a scooter. Not an electric one, Not a vespa. But a real bona fide scooter from 2001.

It is so ill. It's a Rad Scoot.

After my bike got stolen I started riding it out of desperation only to realize it's basically the most awesome wheeled experience I've ever encountered.

It's a good physical workout, It goes crazy fast and I look so nerdy it's cool. Watch me as I bump crazy tracks out of my ipod. It's the most fun a broke ass 17 year old can have endangering his own saftey on the road without a drivers licence.

In a matter of months everyone is gonna be rocking the scooter craze all over again.

Because of who? Oh yeah... that Kid Vincent.



Rusi said...

this post is great and so are scooters