Sunday, March 11, 2007

Baby, Don't Bother

I've spent more than a dime on every dime I ever cared about
But every love just felt like a dare I never ever cared about
And I was always afraid just to say this out loud
And since the day I saw her face I've kept my head in a doubt cloud
I stuck out like a carrot in a bean sprout crowd

Look around
You're alone in this game
You stand here holding this dame
Feeling so lame
Can't explain how you feel to her
Try and maintain
The mood
The vibes
The electricity
Daydreams of that moment caress me ever so blissfully
She stopped and said
Baby is this for me?
Nah girl, this shit's for us
All I want is your trust
Something more than your lust

And believe me
I'll throw it back to you
I swear
I'd never turn my back to you
I'd never talk back to you
Girl, unless you want me to

And then she was silent
I couldn't believe the lies her eyes told
Just then my vision turned from blue to violet
She's lucky I'm Mr. Nice Guy
And I don't resort to getting violent