Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's A Bush Not Your Bush!

Nothing happens after the cameraman sits down.

*This article is based on the video*

A lot of people consider laws to be the only thing stopping us from ripping ourselves apart. This means in the past we were ripping ourselves apart and someone got us to stop. That someone is God... God has stopped everyone from hurting each other. Allow me to explain.

The creation of God provided the need for translators. The translators explain what God does, and what God wants, and how God wants it done. A few lucky coincidences like predicting a flood because you understand water levels or harvesting a large crop because you know a better way to farm the land. Helps confirm the translators message and his position.

We have a God, we have a translator and the point of all this is to promote whatever it is God wants. For different translators there are different end games. In the case of most translators the end game is a large empire. Since you can't build an empire on your own the people must be harvested.

Harvesting people is difficult but the best way it seems is to make them believe they are safe. Laws are the pesticide that keeps the crops safe. The pests are criminals who don't follow the law and may damage the crops.

So if Google changes the world and I grow tall enough to see whats happening on the porch of the mansion then maybe the laws are good. But if I never see above of the undergrowth what have the laws done other than provide me with a shaded space? Will I be cut early from the crops because of my small need for valuable resources? Hopefully natural forces will help me grow or at least spread my seed into the wild because I believe there was a natural equilibrium. All this man made stuff always seems to cost money.


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