Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

So as far as the douchebag issue is concerned, I guess we'll beat them up AND THEN kill them.

I had a frightening thought the other day.
I saw a girl who was about my age taking care of a bunch of little children in an aftercare program. She was the sole source of responsibility. She alone had to take care of these munchkins, she was an adult. Yet she was my age...

Am I an adult??? Impossible.

I am not and it's becoming more and obvious that I will probably never be an adult.
I couldn't fathom making that transformation into adulthood, I haven't really changed in like 5 years... Are we all just little kids in adult bodies?
I think "adults" get along often just based on the fact that they're all in on the same joke.
I'd have to assume most people go their whole lives at the mental capacity of an 18 year-old. You're surrounded by utter insanity on this planet and it's probably gonna stay like that until you're old and grey. Meanwhile, upstairs you're still going to look at life through the same "light scum-brown lens" that you've been wearing since you lost your virginity. For those of you who aren't there yet, fear not cause even sex doesn't really change things all that much.

Just dicks and pussies...

Try holding someone's hand. Maintain eye contact with a complete stranger. Stuff like that is actually intense. Hold up a bank.
I figure some things really do make you more of an adult, but probably not a mortgage or a 9-5 day shift. I think things like birth and loss really change a person.

Really when I think about it, I actually like that I'll be the same for the rest of my life. I'd hate to turn into some kind of fucking stiff later on in life. Maybe all my future prostate exams will eventually just turn me into a bitter asshole. I hope not.
I like who I am and if I really needed to change I wouldn't be waiting to grow up just to do it.


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