Saturday, May 08, 2010

So you know what really hip social people with blogs do right? They have segments! Well, I have a new segment featuring the double life I’m currently leading as a MLB pitching prospect. I’m not sure what to call it, so I’ll give it a working title for now – “Throwing Heat”. Wow I actually like that, if you can top that I’ll be impressed. (Note: These exploits may or may not be real. Actually that line is becoming increasingly blurry.)

Throwing Heat

My Double A Manager’s a Bitch

I’m on my road to the show. I’m one of the top young prospects in the minors and everyone knows I have Hall of Fame potential. I just wish my manager could see the same thing everyone else does. I was drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays and started my career out in Montgomery in AA. It took a while to adjust. Here I am, a 23 year old hard throwing lefty from Toronto with dreams of becoming the next great MLB closer now living Montgomery Alabama. Talk about culture shock. The Biscuits as we are known are a quality organization from top to bottom, except for my manager, more on that later. I came in not expecting to make a large contribution right away, so you can imagine my surprise when my first outing was a 7th inning appearance in a one run ball game in our favor. I came onto the field to the song Rules by We Are Scientists – one of my absolute favorite bands and the night was all up from there. I retired the side in order, was called on to pitch the 8th and left the game with my first hold.

After my initial outing things became a bit tamer. I worked a few five and six inning outings but quickly became the de facto set up guy. I carried a 0.00 era well into the second month of my tenure and in no time at all I was a fan favorite. I even earned the virtually non-existent three inning save. I also worked an 8 and 9 inning combination with men on to earn my second save of the season less than a month in my AA rookie campaign. And that’s when the extraordinary happened. I was sitting by my locker having a quick burn of that good ol Alabama shit, when my manager approached me and offered me the closer job.

I didn’t even expect to get it so soon. I promptly started to rack up the saves when my fortunes started to shift. A hamstring injury had me on the 60day DL. The chemistry of the team quickly turned sour. Our first place first half team was barely getting by in the second half without me. Coming back from rehab I noticed a change in my manager. “You’re going back to set up…”. My first reaction was that’s fair. More than two months without any action I understood if he wanted to work me back into the lineup. I went back out there right where I left off. Dominating, after a few series I approached my manager about getting my closing role back. And you know what he did? HE BENCHED ME! My fucking AA manager is out of his fucking mind. I don’t want to sound like a dick, but the closing role was mine before I left, and I earned it again after I came back, so I’m not sure where he gets off.

I’m seriously thinking approaching someone in order to get traded.