Thursday, March 25, 2010

But Moses Turned Out Okay

Sometimes you have to make tough decisions. Luckily there is a tough decision I do not have to make, because I am going to pass the buck to the readers. Jamesforlife, beloved blog writer has not actually been writing on a blog. Which brings me to the tough decision you must make. Should someone who does not actually write on a blog, have the credentials of a blog writer? Well, I don’t know….It’s tough to say, its like when you think, “No way am I listening to that fucking lo-fi indie hazz pop anymore. It’s making me too emotional.” And then Beach House puts out a new album and you spend the next month wadding through lo-fi indie hazz pop. Well it’s not quite like that at all. The fact is, if Web2.0, and by that I am referring to blogs, facebook, web forums and twitter have taught me anything in this world at all, it is, one: If you can convince teenagers it’s cool, they will convince the rest of the world for you. And two, you can outsource the content of your site to your actual users and not worry much about anything else at all. So, readers of Contemporary Mix of Genius, and those that refresh nine times in three seconds hoping to find the porn banner and leave two minutes later. I entrust the task to you, should jamesforlife be cast away from family and friends, his name never to be mentioned again? Kind of like Moses.