Wednesday, February 03, 2010

An Open Letter To Bent Handstyle

Sir Bent Handstyle,

I am inclined to respond to your comments regarding the type of currency to which I will be paid. I will have you know that I do not respond formally to every comment that passes because I receive many. If I was to take my time, which is short, to respond to every comment I would surely get nothing done. But I will respond to your comment Bent Handstyle because I believe there is some positive interest at the core of your declaration.

When I told you that I would only accept Gil as tender for my raise you refused my demands and forced some other foreign currency you believed to be acceptable in this matter. Since you provide no evidence for the refusal of my demands I am left to make assumptions. One of my assumptions is you do not understand how important Gil is.

Bent Handstyle I feel you would have me believe the following:

1) Final Fantasy is a bad game
2) Farming Gil is too easy and less valuable than farming second life currency
3) Stealing items from battles is more effective than destroying enemies for items

These are a few points from your doctrine I feel you would have me believe. It is from this doctrine that I gather my assumption of your ignorance to the importance of Gil. Furthermore, it is from this doctrine that I take my stance; I disagree.

Earlier I said there may be some positive interest in your behaviour, I still believe this to be true in nature so I will provide the facts of life. Maybe you thought Second Life Money would help me more, it wont. Maybe you felt cake is something I want whether virtual or real, I am lactose intolerant. Finally you could have theorized a wedding is something I wish for, presently I could care less.

The situation we find ourselves in reminds me of a story;

"A dog ran around barking; it made no sense."

You are this dog Bent Handstyle. So I will repeat my command. Bent Handstyle, again, I request that my raise be paid in full through the currency of Gil.


Kid Vincent said...

Yeah dude, just give the man his Gil.
We have Sephiroths and Jechts to kill.

The Illest Bent Handstyle said...

wtf ever happened to sitting on the little man and squeezing him for everything he's worth?