Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I will have sex with anyone who knows who this is a picture of

Today is a first of firsts. I’m writing this as I ride the 63 Ossington bus at 1:33 in the morning. Early by my usual standards. Hopefully there will be a tasty breakfast waiting for me in the morning to dissuade me from sleeping in until 3 in the afternoon. I’m supposed to be going to the gym on a more regular basis. I’m debating switching back to the traditional, textbook boxing gym in the Hungarian cultural centre in my neighbourhood after my BJJ membership is up.

It’s just that when your first fighting style (Karate, black belt) involved kicking on a regular basis, it’s hard to cut that out of your muscle memory. I always worried that during a real amateur fight I would involuntarily throw a roundhouse kick to some guy’s head and get disqualified.

So many people ask what happened to our blog. Did we get lazy? Is school just giving us too much pressure? I’m out of school this year so I have no excuse, but it takes 3 to tango, maybe even 4 if Jamesforlife still posted. I’m not the only one to blame here. Writing is a dangerous act. I can never get too personal or risk destroying that delicate balance of humour we have established. Not to mention I personally know a big portion of our audience, and I wouldn’t dare offend them on the interwebz.

Finding topics that haven’t been discussed ad nauseam (ie. Homeless people, music, workplace boredom, memes) is becoming pretty difficult.

So now I must ask. What are the deepest, most mysterious things you ponder? Tell me please, I really need to know.


JP said...

the picture is of kanye west. now drop your pants.