Monday, October 26, 2009

There Will Be Posts!

For the last month and change I've read blog posts on the blog I had the audacity to create by my darling compatriots. I couldn't help but think of the critically acclaimed movie, "There will be blood." When the main protagonist, (or is he the antagonist?) Kneels on his knees at the front of a small church and exclaims, "I'VE ABANDONED MY CHILD! I'VE ABANDONED ME CHILD!" Yes I have, and like Mr. Plainview I'm going to bring it back and nurture it with an expensive steak meal with milk and whisky.

Listen, I wouldn't say I'm proud of myself, but who is these days? I rather write but I have fucking priorities. And by fucking priorities I mean actually fucking girls. Not really, but you all expect me to be cool. Well I'm not cool, I just write as one on a blog. (I actually am DOPE though.)

This is getting out of hand, I'm getting emotional, my hand is qwaivering (obviously quivering and waivering) and I feel like I'm about to puke because I'm drunk. I'm going to put you all on a train. Picture a large freight train because that's the kind of train it is. Its kind of dark and cold inside. There may or may not be a mexican inside. That's up to you, and I won't take the paint brush out of your hand. Go ahead, create a masterpiece. This train your on? It's not stopping in L.A, or New York. It's not stopping in Toronto or B.C. It's not stopping in Tokyo, Seoul or Istanboul. That's because it's not stopping at all. Its a terrifying, exhilerating ride that you are on for the rest of your life. Partake in the festivities, or don't see if I even care.