Thursday, May 14, 2009

You Can't Ever Be Scared

Never scared. Never ever scared. You want the loosest girls, and the fastest money. You want to be the loudest on the public transit and the hottest during the summer. You post up at the club and speak the illest slang. And it’s because you’re never ever ever scared.
Word to all my gangsters. It’s not easy, you have to be tough all the time. And you can’t get punked out by no two timing trick, dem gangster girls be trouble and you gotta keep your bitch held down. And that’s not simple. There is no manual, different bitches have to be held down in different ways. You have to wear the heaviest gaudiest jewellery that weighs your neck down a considerable amount. You wish you could take it off, but you know that is not really an option. And not only do you have to wear it, you have to remind people every few minutes that it cost you a stack, or if you don't want them knowing the precise amount, a guap.
You gotta out stare, out man and out crew, every gangter that’s not associated with you. You must treat every new face as an enemy until they have proven that they mean you no harm. Give the gangsters some slack. You have to look angry all the time, and actually get angry at the slightest provocation. You have to remember the Ebonics term for every little thing. And you can’t associate with nice people for fear of looking soft. In fact you can’t do a lot of things for fear of looking soft. You can’t say good morning, or how are you. You can’t let someone take your queue in line, because you’ve been fucking waiting there and if someone tries to take your place you have to be willing to kill them.
That’s another thing. You have to be willing to kill people all the time over the smallest things. You might think it’s dumb, but I think it’s difficult. You have to listen to the hardest rhymes and you have to spit mad rhymes yourself. You have to drink Colt45s and steal stuff all the time. Did I mention that you can’t never be ever ever ever scared? Because you can’t. If you think I’m being stereotypical then you don’t know as many gangsters as me, they ALL have to do this, or they lose their gangster license, and have to give back their timbs. (Timberland boots)
And you know what….on top of it all, gangsters get blamed for everything, they get blamed for a lot of murders, and global warming and the particle accelerator being shut down I hear is now being blamed on a young gangster named Thomas. Oh you were expecting Jamal or Tyrone? That’s because you’re a racist.